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✅ Instagram is a great platform for sharing recipes/ideas. Seeing what other people eat can inspire your own cooking or encourage you to try new foods! Sharing what you eat can also help with the education and increasing your own awareness of variety of foods surrounding different cultures, religions and regions (another topic which has come to light, a potential area for dietitians/health care professionals to improve on).

✅ You should also be allowed to show off cooking/baking skills in the same way you would with any other skills/achievements: express yourself! 🥍🎨.

✅ Putting extra thought in to my meals ensures I eat a more balanced diet and thereby promote it.

✅ People say the pretty meals I post makes healthy eating and veggie meals attractive, making them want to eat more plant based.

✅ Posting aesthetic meals/snacks can be a way of attracting individuals to your account where they can also find nutritional information backed with scientific evidence 📚.

“We shouldn’t feel guilty for posting aesthetically pleasing food posts, it creates traffic to our accounts where viewers can then see and read the other content we share whether that be nutritional knowledge, insights into the dietetic profession and lots more.”

“I work five days a week, on my days off, cooking, baking, experimenting with recipes and sharing them online makes me happy. The idea behind this is to encourage others to experiment with cooking and baking while also sharing my own passion.”


❌ An unrealistic portrayal of what a balanced diet or healthy eating looks like could be portrayed if a limited variety of food is presented or if specific food groups are excluded. I think the way you talk about foods within your post is also critical especially the type of language used (negative language like "bad" foods should be avoided) as this could contribute to disordered eating.

❌Could contribute to the misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding dietitians/RD2B that we only eat perfectly healthy food and never eat takeaways or "junk" foods which just isn't true.

❌Creation unrealistic perception of what a balanced meal looks like it does not need to be perfectly presented.


- it’s good for students/dietitians/nutritionists to be very realistic in nature regarding what they eat. The likelihood is, once you have a busy job, having time to make such meals is unrealistic or less likely.

- you are still able to get nutritious food without it looking appealing and this is something that people must remember! You don’t want people thinking it requires a great deal of effort to eat nutritious food.


Opinions on the government's strategies for obesity

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Are 'What I Eat In A day' videos/pictures harmful to the audiences health?


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