BDA Student Representative 2020/2021

I honestly can’t begin to describe how overwhelmed I feel by everyone’s support. When I received the email yesterday I said to my mum ‘so does this mean I’ve got the role?!’ because I couldn’t believe it. The other five candidates were fantastic and just as worthy... I am lost for words. This means so much to me and I hope that I am able to do as just as an amazing job as Alison has done. Thank you all again SO much for your support. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for the support of my family, friends, university lecturers and the dietetic community here on Instagram, then I would not have had the confidence to go for this role in the first place; so thank you to every single one of you✨ I hope to do you all proud 💙

I also hope to continue posting on this website and will become a little more active on here upon returning to University in late September!

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