In my second year of study, being able to approximately estimate the amount of calories and protein has been highlighted as a fundamental skill in order to design an appropriate care plan. It is important to not significantly overestimate or underestimate these values as this will influence your decisions regarding whether you opt for food fortification, use of ONS, the requirement of enteral tube feeding and so on.

Below is a list of portions of food and drink. Try to estimate how many calories and grams of protein are present in the portion sizes presented. To reveal the answers, please scroll down. Please note that all information has been sourced from ‘Carbs and Cals’ and the FEAST (Food Estimation Aid for Students) from, utilising McCance and Widowson. It is advisable to source hospital menus and familiarise yourself with the options available, their portion sizes and their nutritional values. Always consider: is the food made up with or served with additional food/drink products such as butter, jam, sugar, milk, single cream etc. Please note if protein values are not provided, this is due to only traces being present in the presented portion sizes.

2 x Weetabix + SSM (100ml)

Porridge made with whole milk (160g)

1x Toast with Jam (18g)/Butter (7g)

2x Scrambled egg (made with SSM)

COT + SSM + 1 sugar

Latte (235ml): option for whole milk or skimmed milk

200ml Glass of milk: SSM

150ml glass of orange juice

Ham and Cheese sandwich

Chicken salad

Jacket Potato (medium)

Shepherds Pie (360g)


Plantain (100g)

Spaghetti Bolognese – avg 180g spaghetti, 270g Bolognese

Chicken Curry – 365g curry, 161g rice

Natural yoghurt (125g)

2 scoops of Ice cream

Digestive biscuit

Rice pudding (200g)

Jelly (170g)

80g Apple pie and 60ml custard (made with SSM)


2 x Weetabix: 140kcal, 4g

+SSM on cereal (100ml): 45kcal, 4g

Porridge made with whole milk (160g): 180kcal, 8g

1x Toast with Jam/Butter:

- 1x Toast: CAN VARY (approx. 50-120kcal, 3g)

- Jam (18g): 45kcal

- Butter (7g): 50kcal, 0g

2x Scrambled egg (made with milk): 214kcal, 14g

COT + SSM + 1 tsp sugar

- SSM: 20kcal

- 1 sugar: 20kcal

Latte (235ml):

-whole milk: 113kcal, 6g

-skimmed milk: 67kcal, 6g

200ml glass of semi skimmed milk: 90kcal, 7g

150ml Glass of orange juice: 50kcal, 1g

Ham and Cheese sandwich

-Bread: 70-120kcal PER SLICE

-Ham (30g thick slice): 32 kcal, 6g (one slice)

-Cheese (25g cheddar): 104kcal, 6g

(consider, is there also butter? Potential to add 50kcal per slice)

Chicken salad

- Roast chicken (130g): 225kcal, 38g

- Varies depending on what is in it: does it contain cheese, pulses, legumes, condiments?

Jacket Potato (medium): 245kcal, 7g

Shepherds Pie (360g): 527kcal, 24g

Roti: 94kcal, 4g

Plantain (100g): 117kcal, 1g

Spaghetti Bolognese: 460kcal, 22g

*consider additional cheese on top: +100kcal (25g)

Chicken Curry (365g curry, 161g rice): 443kcal, 36g

Natural yoghurt (125g): 100kcal, 7g

2 scoops of Ice cream: 210kcal, 4g

Digestive biscuit: 60kcal

Rice pudding (200g): 170kcal, 7g

Jelly (170g): 104kcal, 2g

Apple pie and custard

- 80g Apple pie: 214kcal, 2g (be aware that portion sizes may be larger than 80g)

- 60ml Custard (SSM): 57kcal, 2g

AVG apple pie + custard serving: 405kcal, 8g protein

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