Dissertation Direction (3): Final General Tips

To round off the first two posts on choosing a topic and working with your supervisor, I've compiled one final post with a few general tips that hopefully you'll find useful.

📚Firstly, be organised and try not to leave your work until the last minute! I found making a rough time scale for my work really beneficial, where I'd plan out dates for each section of my paper- e.g. I'd say I wanted to have my introduction completed by week X, then methods by week Y and discussion drafted by week Z.

🎓 Keep in touch with your classmates, and discuss your progress with them! This is so important, especially if working remotely, and as I completed my dissertation in lockdown, this was soo helpful!

👩‍🔬 Help each other out with queries, e.g. what statistical tests to use

👩‍💻 Remember that projects differ and everyone works to their own pace, so if your friend is two sections ahead of you, don't panic!!

📚 Before submission, make sure you proofread! (Several times) - sounds obvious, but you'd be surprised by how many typos you end up with after redrafting and cutting down to reach word limits!

🎓 Get a family or friend to read it to! This will help you be sure that it makes sense, flows and is easy to read! (I'll admit that by the time I got to the submission stage, after several proofreads, some of it didn't even make sense to me anymore! (Hence the value of letting someone else read it!)😂

📚 Finally, if you're about to start your dissertation, yes it can be stressful and many hours go into it, but try not to panic! I think that the dissertation is made out to be worse than it is! (And that's coming from someone who was always more interested in the practical side of things/clinical practice as opposed to research!) 😂

It's likely that if you put the work in, you'll be rewarded! Writing 1000s of words may seem daunting at first, but it's likely that some of what you've already covered in uni will have prepared you to write a dissertation! I had a lot of statistics lectures, practicals and a research methods module, which really helped to prepare me for writing my project!

I really hope this series has been useful for some of you! And if you're about to start your dissertation, good luck! 😁

Katie (IG= KTnu.trition)

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