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Hi everyone! Thank you to both Tanisha (@nutri_bee_tanisha) and Liv (@livsdieteticjourney) for joining me on todays zoom coffee morning. We had a wonderful chat about university, guidance for second year of study and tips to get your instagram up and running. It would be amazing to get more people involved next time so please set your reminders! I had 8 people signed up to this, however, there was only 3 of us. If you were unable to make it...not to worry! Here is a summary of what we discussed:

>Dietetics Digest podcast by Aaron Boysen- a fantastic podcast discussing placement experiences and a variety of topics

> I am hoping to set up a page where I can attach word documents from attended webinars incase you are unable to make them or don't have the time to watch them at a later date!

> Debate club: We discussed starting this up and how due to my poor technical abilities, the forum page could be used to post our discussions and then this can be summarised on the 'debate' page.

> Both Tanisha and Liv are first year students so they asked me if I could provide any ideas for preparing for second year! At the University of Chester, we undertook a module that focused on specific case study examples....

  • Obesity & T2DM

  • Liver disease

  • Eating disorders

  • Renal

  • Elderly (geriatrics)

  • Enteral feeding

  • Cancer

  • IBD

  • IBS

  • Neuro

It would also be useful to get yourselves familiar with counting calories and grams of protein in foods/meals. You could do this by downloading MyFitnessPal or purchasing the Carbs and Cals book which you can purchase from Amazon. In addition, being aware of medications is still something I struggle with today- you could design a ready reckoner word document or create index cards for different types of drugs. Furthermore, being aware of clinical guidelines is essential as it guides your practice; examples include NICE, ESPEN and BAPEN.

Some useful textbooks I have are

>Advanced Nutrition and Dietetics in Nutrition Support (I have borrowed this from the university library)

>Manual of Dietetic Practice (I bought an old edition on amazon)

With regards to starting up dietetic instagrams, go for it! Be aware that referencing is very important, however, not everything has to be factual! Engage in volunteering, share your journey or log your couch to 5K on a highlight on your feed!

I think ruby mentioned this but it would also be great to all complete a case study (maybe one per week) and feed back what we all put for estimated requirements and a care plan! It would be great for first year students to get an insight into what is ahead of them and also help each other out!

I have spoken to my friend Laura about doing an IGTV, similiar to that of @hanabnutrition, in which we can discuss final year of university. In addition, Liv has offered to discuss with me on another IGTV how first year went for her and this can provide people with a general idea of year 1 (liv), 2 (myself) and 3 (laura) of a dietetics course!

It would be fantastic if we could increase the engagement on this page. In the first week, we have had 60 members sign up! It would be amazing if we could support one another by commenting and liking individuals posts on our blog and forum that everyone is putting their time into writing x

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